Deutschkurs für akademische Zwecke

Am 18.09.2017 begann der Deutschkurs für akademische Zwecke, welcher von der DAAD - Lektorin Dr. Svenja Brünger unterrichtet wird. Dieser Kurs ist für die Masterstudenten und Doktoranten der vom CDEA geförderten 20 PPGs, die an der UFRGS und PUCRS angeboten werden. Der Kurs richtet sich an Studierende, die an einer deutschen Universität studieren und/oder forschen.

NELE - Extension Language Teaching Center

The Center for Teaching Languages in Extension of the Department of Modern Languages of the Institute of Letters of UFRGS was created on April 23, 2000. Its purpose is to offer language courses in different modalities and schedules that meet the needs of the community in general: German, Spanish, French, Greek Classical, English, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese-Reading and Textual and Russian Production. Faced with the phenomenon of globalization, the Mercosur, the Internet and the needs of the labor market, we reaffirm the need for knowledge of languages to face the speed of innovations and advances in the different areas of knowledge, transforming the old concept of updating through continuous education the professional and even the young in formation.


Lexis - PUCRS Language Center aims to promote linguistic and cultural training in foreign languages for the internal and external community of PUCRS. Lexis relies on the expertise of the Faculty of Arts faculty and meets the internationalization principle set out in PUCRS strategic planning.