The researchers of the bi-institutional and interdisciplinary group of researchers (UFRGS and PUCRS) envisage the development of specific actions involving departmental research groups and wider networks of the 20 post-graduate programmes.  These networks were listed in the approved project, and are:

  • Research Network Germany- Brazil on State and Globalization (DAAD/CAPES)
  • Research Network Germany - Brazil on Consumer law
  • International Political Economics and Politics Studies
  • Sociolinguistics of Migrations
  • Compared Political Culture
  • Human Dignity in the 21st Century
  • Urbanism and the Environment
  • Sustainability and Development
  • Gerontology
  • Immigration and Racism
  • International Security
  • Fair Internet Regulation and Internet Rights
  • E-Governance
  • Public Policies Germany- Brazil
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Violence and Society